Seton Hall University Internships In 2024

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Seton Hall University recognizes the importance of experiential learning and has established robust internship programs across various disciplines. The university collaborates with numerous renowned companies, organizations, and institutions, both locally and globally, to provide students with diverse internship options.

Through the Career Center, students have access to internship resources, including job postings, networking events, and career counseling. The center works closely with students to identify their interests and career goals, matching them with relevant internship opportunities.


Internships are available in a wide array of fields, such as business, finance, marketing, communication, healthcare, technology, social services, education, and more. Students can explore opportunities in corporate settings, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, research institutions, and startups.

Seton Hall’s internship programs focus on integrating classroom knowledge with practical experience, allowing students to apply theoretical concepts in real-world settings. Interns gain hands-on experience, develop professional networks, and acquire skills necessary for their chosen fields.

The university encourages students to pursue internships during the academic year or over the summer. Some internships are paid, providing students with financial support, while others offer academic credit or valuable volunteer experiences.

Internships at Seton Hall are highly regarded by employers, as they demonstrate a student’s commitment to professional development and readiness for the workforce. Many students secure employment opportunities with their internship hosts upon graduation, highlighting the practical value of these experiences.

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Seton Hall University prioritizes creating connections between students, faculty, and industry professionals. Through internships, students engage in relationships and gain insights from experienced professionals in their fields of interest.

Seton Hall University’s internship programs empower students to bridge the gap between academia and the professional world, equipping them with essential skills and experiences that contribute to their personal growth and future success.

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