Shedd Aquarium Internship In 2024 New Openings

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The Shedd Aquarium Internship offers an immersive and invaluable experience for individuals passionate about marine science and conservation. Located in Chicago, the Shedd Aquarium is renowned for its dedication to aquatic life education, conservation efforts, and impactful research. This internship provides a unique opportunity for students and aspiring marine professionals to delve into the world of marine biology, animal care, and environmental advocacy.

Interns at the Shedd Aquarium are exposed to a multifaceted curriculum that spans various aspects of aquarium operations. From assisting in animal husbandry and veterinary care to engaging in public outreach and education, interns gain a comprehensive understanding of the institution’s holistic approach to marine life conservation.


One of the highlights of the Shedd Aquarium Internship is its commitment to research and conservation projects. Interns often participate in ongoing studies related to animal behavior, habitat restoration, and biodiversity. This hands-on involvement in meaningful research initiatives not only enhances their scientific skills but also contributes to the broader efforts aimed at preserving aquatic ecosystems.

Regular interactions with marine biologists, educators, and curators provide valuable insights and networking opportunities that can prove instrumental in shaping their future careers. The internship also encourages personal and professional growth by fostering teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills through real-world challenges.

The Shedd Aquarium Internship offers a chance to engage with the public through interpretive presentations and interactive demonstrations. This component helps interns develop effective communication skills and an ability to convey complex scientific concepts to diverse audiences, contributing to the aquarium’s mission of raising awareness about ocean conservation.

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Online Apply

To complete the application process via the Internet, use this provided link.


The Shedd Aquarium Internship is a stepping stone for individuals passionate about marine science and conservation. Through its immersive curriculum, hands-on research opportunities, and exposure to various facets of aquarium operations, interns emerge with a well-rounded skill set and a heightened commitment to preserving aquatic ecosystems. This experience not only equips them with successful careers but also empowers them to make a positive impact on the planet’s oceans.

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