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TQL, or Total Quality Logistics, is a prominent third-party logistics (3PL) provider in North America, offering freight transportation and logistics services. TQL internships provide opportunities for students and recent graduates to acquire experience in the logistics industry.

Total Quality Logistics (TQL) offers internships created to provide participants with real-world experience in the dynamic field of logistics. These internships are available in various departments, including sales, operations, IT, marketing, finance, and more. TQL’s internship program aims to cultivate talent, foster professional development, and offer exposure to the fast-paced logistics industry.

Sales & IT Departments

Interns at TQL have the opportunity to work with experienced professionals, gaining insight into the company’s operations and culture. They may assist with daily tasks, participate in projects, and work with teams to solve real-world challenges. TQL values initiative, creativity, and a willingness to learn, providing interns with the autonomy to make meaningful contributions to the organization.

Sales internships at TQL offer hands-on experience in building client relationships, managing accounts, and negotiating freight transactions. Interns receive comprehensive training and mentorship to develop their sales skills and industry knowledge. They engage with customers, identify opportunities, and work towards achieving sales targets, preparing them for potential careers in sales or account management.

Operations internships focus on understanding the logistics process, optimizing transportation solutions, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Interns learn about carrier management, load planning, and problem-solving techniques to overcome logistical challenges. They collaborate with teams to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and deliver exceptional service to clients.

IT internships provide exposure to the technological infrastructure supporting TQL’s operations. Interns work on projects related to software development, data analysis, system maintenance, and cybersecurity. They gain hands-on experience with industry-leading technologies, contributing to the company’s digital transformation initiatives.

Marketing and finance internships offer opportunities to work on branding, market research, financial analysis, and strategic planning. Interns assist with developing marketing campaigns, analyzing market trends, and managing financial data to support decision-making processes.

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Throughout the internship program, TQL emphasizes professional development through training sessions, workshops, and networking events. Interns receive feedback from mentors and supervisors, helping them identify strengths, areas for improvement, and career goals.

Upon completing the internship, participants have the opportunity to apply for full-time positions at TQL or leverage their experience to pursue careers in the logistics industry. TQL’s internship program is a way for individuals seeking to launch their careers in sales, operations, IT, marketing, finance, or other areas within the logistics sector.

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