University Of New Hampshire Internships In 2024

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The University of New Hampshire (UNH) offers a wide range of internship opportunities for students looking to gain experience in their field of study. These internships are created to provide students with hands-on learning experiences, networking opportunities, and the chance to apply their classroom knowledge in real-world settings.

Students can explore internships in fields such as business, engineering, healthcare, education, environmental science, and more. This variety allows students to tailor their internship experience to their interests and career goals.


Internships at UNH are typically structured to provide a balance of practical work experience and professional development. Students are often assigned meaningful projects and tasks that contribute to the organization’s goals while also receiving guidance from experienced professionals.

Moreover, UNH has strong partnerships with local businesses, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and other institutions, which enhances the internship opportunities available to students. These partnerships often lead to internships with reputable organizations and provide students with exposure to different work environments and industry practices.

Another advantage of UNH internships is the potential for academic credit. Many internship programs at UNH are designed to align with academic coursework, allowing students to earn credit while gaining hands-on experience. This integration of theory and practice enhances the overall learning experience for students.

UNH offers support services to help students secure internships and make the most of their experience. The university’s career services office provides resources such as resume and cover letter assistance, interview preparation, networking events, and job fairs. These services help students navigate the internship search process and position themselves for success.

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In addition to traditional internships, UNH also offers experiential learning opportunities such as co-ops, externships, and research internships. These programs provide alternative pathways for students to gain experience and explore different career paths.

The University of New Hampshire offers students an opportunity to gain practical skills, build professional networks, and explore potential career paths. With a diverse range of internship options, strong industry partnerships, and support services, UNH is committed to helping students succeed in their academic and professional journeys.

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