Victoria And Albert Museum Internship

Victoria And Albert Museum Internship In 2024

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The Victoria and Albert Museum, known fondly as the V&A, epitomizes a bastion of artistic ingenuity and cultural brilliance. Nestled in the heart of London, this institution’s internship program beckons youngsters with an ardent passion for art, design, and heritage to partake in a great experience.

At the V&A, the internship unfurls as an opportunity, a portal through which emerging talents traverse, delving into a mosaic of diverse projects that pulsate at the core of London’s cultural fabric. This program acts as a conduit, ushering participants into the inner sanctum of museum operations while allowing them to infuse their distinct creativity and expertise.


Distinguished by its multifaceted approach, the V&A Internship unfetters interns to traverse various domains: from curation and conservation to education, marketing. This multifarious disclosure not only widens their horizon but also bestows a panoramic insight into the nuanced mechanisms of a world-renowned museum.

The essence of the internship experience resides in its ethos of continual learning and evolution. Here, mentorship thrives, where seasoned luminaries in the field mentor and guide interns. This symbiotic relationship fosters an atmosphere of growth and learning, where skills are honed, and contributions are valued.

The V&A Internship is a testament to inclusivity, actively beckoning individuals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. This deliberate embrace of diversity nurtures an environment teeming with varied perspectives, enriching the creative tapestry of the institution.

Interns are entrusted with a plethora of responsibilities—from delving into research and aiding in exhibition curation to engaging with museum patrons and bolstering educational initiatives. These tasks forge a holistic experience, refining practical skills and nurturing a profound appreciation for the museum’s vast trove of historical treasures.

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Online Apply

To complete the application process via the Internet, use this provided link.


Interns are at liberty to explore pioneering ventures in digital realms, seeking novel ways to amplify visitor experiences through technologies, digital archives, and virtual platforms.

The Victoria and Albert Museum Internship unfurls an odyssey—a convergence of education, innovation, and practical immersion amidst an assemblage of artistic wonders. It stands as a testament to the V&A’s unwavering commitment to nurturing burgeoning talents and perpetuating the cultural legacy that enriches the global tapestry of art and design.

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