Virginia Tech Internships In 2024 Evolving Commencements

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Students at Virginia Tech have access to a variety of internship options that offer invaluable practical experience in a variety of professions. These internships are essential in helping students develop their careers and put their academic knowledge to use in real-world situations.

The Virginia Tech Career and Professional Development office works closely with businesses and associations to help students get internships. Students will always have access to a wide range of worthwhile internship opportunities thanks to our network.


Internships at Virginia Tech cover a spectrum of disciplines, including engineering, business, science, technology, and more. The university’s commitment to experiential learning allows students to integrate classroom learning with hands-on experiences, enhancing their skills and making them more competitive in the job market.

The university encourages students to explore internships that align with their career goals and academic interests. Whether it’s a summer internship, co-op program, or an academic-year internship, students have the flexibility to choose opportunities that best fit their schedules and aspirations.

Students also benefit from Virginia Tech’s Career and Professional Development resources, which guide resume building, interview preparation, and networking strategies. These resources help students stand out during the internship application process and givethem with essential career development skills.

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The university’s location in the technology-rich region of Blacksburg and its proximity to major metropolitan areas like Washington, D.C., offers students access to a diverse range of internship opportunities. Whether students are interested in startups, government agencies, or established corporations, Virginia Tech’s internship programs connect them with experiences that align with their career goals.

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