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Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing offers internship opportunities for studentsin arts administration, education, production, and more. Their internships provide experience, professional development, and revelation to the world of performing arts and nonprofit management.

The Wolf Trap Internship Program is a highly competitive initiative that attracts candidates from various academic backgrounds and career aspirations. These internships typically GO across the summer months, ranging from May to August, and occasionally offer opportunities during the academic year as well.

Students at Wolf Trap will take part in responsibilities created to their specific fields of interest. Within arts administration, development strategies, donor relations, and general administrative support.

Fine Points

For those interested in education and community engagement, Wolf Trap offers internships focusing on educational program development, implementation, and evaluation. Interns collaborate on educational materials, assist with workshops, and support outreach efforts aimed at schools and community partners. They may also have the chance to participate in educational events and witness the impact of arts integration in various learning environments.

The production internships at Wolf Trap provide a behind-the-scenes experience in the technical and logistical aspects of staging performances. Interns work closely with production teams, assisting in stage management, lighting, sound, and other technical areas, gaining practical knowledge in executing live events.

Wolf Trap values diversity and inclusion, offering internships specifically focused on diversity initiatives and equity in the arts. These roles involve supporting programs and initiatives aimed at promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within the organization and the wider performing arts community.

Interns benefit not only from hands-on experience but also from mentorship and networking opportunities. They engage with seasoned professionals in the field, gaining valuable insights and building connections that can be instrumental in their future careers.

Applicants to the Wolf Trap Internship Program are typically undergraduate or graduate students, recent graduates, or individuals seeking career changes. While specific qualifications vary depending on the internship, strong communication skills, and a passion for the arts.

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Wolf Trap internships are an opportunity to go dynamic world of performing arts, gain practical skills, and go to an esteemed arts organization. Through these internships, individuals can pave the way for a rewarding career in arts administration, education, production, or related fields.

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