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Zoo Atlanta, located in Georgia, offers a variety of enriching internship opportunities for individuals passionate about wildlife conservation, animal care, education, research, and more. These internships layout encounters in a dynamic zoo setting, allowing participants to gain practical knowledge and skills in this type of organization. The institute will help students with the aspects of its inner workings.

Internship Opportunities:

Animal Care Internships:

These internships focus on animal husbandry, enrichment, nutrition, and veterinary care. Interns assist keepers in the daily care of animals, observe behaviors, and participate in habitat maintenance. They may work with a diverse range of species, from mammals like giant pandas to reptiles and birds.

Education Internships:

Education interns engage with visitors through interpretive programs, presentations, and interactive experiences. They assist in developing educational materials, conducting tours, and facilitating activities to teach about conservation and wildlife.

Research Internships:

Research interns collaborate on various projects, aiding in data collection, analysis, and documentation. This involves conducting behavioral studies, contributing to conservation initiatives, and assisting in scientific research efforts.

Conservation Internships:

Focused on conservation efforts, these internships involve projects that support wildlife preservation both locally and globally. Interns may participate in community outreach, habitat restoration, and conservation advocacy.

Requirements and Expectations:

  • Eligibility: Most internships are available for college students or recent graduates pursuing degrees in biology, zoology, environmental science, education, or related fields. Some positions might have specific prerequisites.
  • Commitment: Interns typically commit to a specified number of hours per week for a set duration, often ranging from a few months to a full semester. Full-time and part-time positions might be available.
  • Responsibilities: Interns are expected to actively participate in their assigned tasks, follow safety protocols, collaborate with staff, and demonstrate a strong work ethic.


Hands-On Experience:

Interns receive firsthand experience in their chosen field, working directly with professionals in their respective departments. This practical experience enhances their skill set and understanding of zoo operations.

Networking Within Organization:

Interns have the chance to build professional relationships and network within the zoo community. They may interact with experts, attend workshops, and gain insights into potential career paths.

Learning Opportunities:

The internship program often includes educational components such as seminars, workshops, and training sessions. These help interns broaden their knowledge base and develop new skills.

Potential Career Development:

Internships at Zoo Atlanta can open doors for future career opportunities within the zoological field. Previous interns have gone on to secure positions in zoos, conservation organizations, research institutions, and more.

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