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FCA Internships In 2024 Fellowship Of Christian Athletes

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Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Internships provide a unique opportunity for college students to combine their passion for sports and faith while gaining valuable professional experience. These internships typically last for a summer, offering students a chance to grow spiritually, develop leadership skills, and engage with the sports community.

FCA Internships come in various forms, including sports ministry, communications, event planning, and more. Participants work closely with FCA staff, athletes, and coaches to foster a Christ-centered approach to sports. They often organize and lead Bible studies, sports camps, and outreach events, helping athletes integrate their faith into their athletic pursuits.


Throughout the internship, students receive mentorship and training in sports ministry, leadership, and discipleship. They deepen their understanding of how faith intersects with sports, helping them become positive role models for athletes seeking spiritual guidance.

FCA Internships offer a unique blend of sports, faith, and service. Participants experience personal transformation as they impact the lives of athletes and coaches, sharing the gospel and building relationships within the sports community.

FCA’s mission is to present athletes and coaches with the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the Church.

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Internships with FCA are geared towards individuals who want to integrate their Christian faith with their passion for sports, helping them become ambassadors for Christ in the world of athletics.

FCA Internships provide college students with a summer experience that combines their love for sports with their faith. Through sports ministry, leadership development, and community engagement, interns gain valuable skills and make a meaningful impact on the lives of athletes, all while deepening their own spiritual journey. These internships are an excellent opportunity for students seeking to grow both personally and professionally within the context of their Christian faith and the world of sports.

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